About Me

Kelvin Work From Home- 2020-07-10

Hi, I am Kelvin Liang from China, a Full Stack Engineer who loves to build beautiful and smooth websites to solve complex business problems.

I excel in working hard and smart to bring high quality and high satisfaction outcome for my clients.

A little background

Before ...

Global Dextra IT Team Global Dextra IT Team

After decades at a multi-national company where I inhabited multiple roles (I mostly work in the southern part of China - cities of Guangzhou & Hong Kong), I realized that programming had the potential to greatly improve business performance in nearly every scenario.

In one of my recent projects, I designed a payroll software to help reduce manual workload and boost the performance of assembly line workers. The scripts that I wrote ran daily to collect info from end-users’ computers in order to help simplify IT staff procedures and improve user satisfaction. I envisioned that professionals with programming capabilities will play bigger roles in every business in the coming decade.

Team of CFA Equity Research in San Francisco. Team of CFA Equity Research in San Francisco.

A few years ago, I also attended an MBA program in California State University East Bay, where I studied the financial models of tech startups and big-name companies in the United States for 4 years.

Finally, I decided to quit my job to dive deep into the world of coding. I attended Microverse, an online coding school, to master every aspect of skills that professional programmers need in their daily lives, from the technical skills (Ruby on Rails / React / JavaScript / HTML / CSS ) to the soft skills (Pair Programming / Remote Working / Team Collaboration / Mentoring).

Now ...

Now, I can comfortably build solutions based on ideas, solve business puzzles, and give professional advice with my business acumen and coding knowledge. I love to help businesses grow with coding so that people can focus on creating beautiful things for society instead of simply working on repetitive tasks.

In my free time, I love to go for long runs, read history books, cook healthy food for my family, and travel to new places.

Huizhou Local Running Team I joined the local running community for marathon running.

Top Skills

  • Coding Skills: React/ Redux, Ruby on Rails, GatsbyJS, Testing, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript (ES6), HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, Docker, Git, Pair Programming

  • IT Skills: IT Services Management, System administration, System & Network Security, IT Infrastructure, ERP, Windows Server 2008/2012, Linux

  • Business Skills: Business Administration, Financial Reporting, Human Resource Management, Payroll (Hong Kong & China), Financial modeling and valuation, Project Management, Procurement (IT Equipment), Communication (verbal/writing)

  • Soft Skills: Leadership, Team Building, Mentoring, Remote working, Global Team Collaboration