Github Stats

  • I started to contribute to open-source projects in the past few months.
  • I follow the development flow most of the time, so there many pr even for my personal project.

Top language

  • I build a lot of Rails projects and use Ruby as an algorithm runner.
  • Jupyter & MATLAB is the languages for machine learning. (I study it in 2019)
  • I primarily focus on Javascript right now, but the codebase is relatively small compared to the languages above.

Most recent projects

Best Reddit post time checker

Reddit Timer

  • Collaborate with
  • Strice follow best practices (git flow, ziplin design, code review and TDD)
  • React/Redux, Styled-component, React Testing Library, Jest

React Testing examples for my writing

React Testing Examples

  • Follow the best react testing practices in 2020
  • Practical real-world examples

Mobile like web App for tracking your fitness activities

Your Fitness App Project

  • React/Redux as Front End, fetching API from backend.
  • Ruby on Rails as a backend.